This project is still being prototyped and developed, and is not suitable for production use right now. Things may change or break at any time.


Stim.js is a lightweight, framework agnostic, JavaScript front-end framework designed to accelerate and add interactivity to server side rendering (SSR) apps.

Be productive! 🙂 Write your application the “old fashioned” way with the server rendering HTML and receiving postbacks, and then use Stim.js to make it feel like a modern single-page application.

Stim.js is…

  • Lightweight: a single file with zero dependencies and written in pure JavaScript.

  • Framework agnostic: does not require any server side integration, and any optional integration is done through HTML attributes and generic request parameters.

  • An optional drop in: it encourages you to design your application so that even if JavaScript is disabled, your application’s core functionality will continue to work.